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Lot of 3 Baby Toys

Fisher Price No. J0351 Pleated Satin, Fleece, Cotton Pleated 5 inch Ball – Lots of Colors, Patterns – Crinkle Sections – Easy to Grasp (Baby can put hand all the way through) Yellow Teething Stroller Clip RUSS Burton+Burton LIKE NEW

Burton and Burton 6 inch Blue Super Soft Donut Hole Rattle – Green Velour Frog Head, Hands, Feet – Blue Satin Bow LIKE NEW

RUSS No. 27723 Plush 5 inch Seated (Not counting ears) Super Soft Pink Terry Rabbit JELLYBEAN – Darker Pink Ears, Spots – Green Gingham Bow – Beanie Tush (LIGHT STAIN ON BOW – OTHERWISE LIKE NEW)

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