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1988 Mattel Plush 9 inch Pink Turtle Tots – Green Fur Hair Tuft – Lavender Fur Eyebrows – Large Plastic Eyes with Eyelashes – White Muzzle – Green Felt Fingers, Toes – White Satin Hands, Feet – Silk Screened T Logo on Left Foot – Removable PINK Spotted Satin Shell – Lavender Edge White Nylon Ruffle – Aqua Satin Velcro Strap Handles – Pink Bib – Yellow Ruffle Hem, Yellow Satin Ribbon – YELLOW Velcro Front Silk Screened TURTLE TOTS TOOTLES Shell – PINK Satin Lining – Plus EXTRA PINK Velcro Front Silk Screened TURTLE TOTS TU TU Shell – YELLOW Satin Lining (MISSING BOTTLE – NO PICKS ON BACK OF TOOTLES SHELL – TU TU SHELL IS PICKED – SCREEN PRINT, EYES ARE PERFECT)

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