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  1. I know almost exactly what kind of horse you’re talking about. I too had one of those when I was a child, and it helped me fall asleep every night. I’m not quite sure of the make, it didnt look like alot of GUND toys, but I lost mine as well and have been looking for one. Good luck with your search!

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    Sorry for the double post, browser issue.

    Tami, that is close but not it. The enhanced photo posted above is quite accurate. Thank you all for still looking!!

    Ruth Ann.

  3. 072706

    Could it be from Dakin? I have a musical teddy bear that plays that song.


  4. Hi Ruth Ann, This little guy is on E-Bay Auction No. 360240782594. He is produced by Eden and although not exactly like yours it has many of his characteristics (perhaps a later model). Anyway thought you would be interested. Let me know what you think. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Brenda,
    Thanks for the find! I am still holding out to find the exact one, even if that never happens. ๐Ÿ˜€ I do wonder though if that eBay one is
    made by the same company..it does look kind of similar. Thanks for being on the lookout!

    Ruth Ann

  6. That’s cool:). There is another on ioffer.com, made by GUND, again not exactly like your one but worth a look – Item No. 111358457. Is he more like your one? Cheers Brenda.

  7. 072706

    Thanks again, Brenda. I checked it out, but not what I’m looking for. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Ruth Ann

  8. Post code #072706
    This is not exact but close. Might help make gain info.

    Ebay #380245092108 1986 Musical baby giraffe moves head B

  9. That’s pretty darn close, but mine didn’t have the saddle like that and had a white underbelly. It also didn’t have blue eyes; however, that one plays it’s a small world so I wonder if they made it differently depending on the year!!

    Thanks, Tami! That might be something to go on…

  10. Your different year variation theory may very well be true. Here is a similar but again does not appear to be exact. Also Bantam.
    Ebay # 230611631454 Yellow giraffe, white underbelly, rainbow mane and tail, blue feet.

  11. Dear Ruth Ann-

    I was born in 1984, and I have the exact pony you are looking for – though I fear I may crush you by saying I would never part with it. It is a Bantam pony, yellow, with pink ears and feet, and a white tail. It plays “It’s a Small World” from the wind-up on its right side. Sounds exactly like the one you are searching for. I’ll let you know if I ever come across another!

  12. Also, Ruth Ann, would you want me to send you a photo of mine? I also have images of the tag, if that would help.

  13. That’s FANTASTIC! I’m happy to at least know who made it because now I can search more. Image would be welcome please!!!

  14. Thanks, Brenda! The coloring is *definitely* close! I’m really appreciative of this site and that people are still looking. I don’t have any plans on giving up, especially now that I have two kids of my own.

  15. eBay item number:
    321176020468 –

    So close had to show you this one. I can’t help being confused by the second photo in this blog. It doesn’t look anything like your one to me? Can you please clarify if I am on the right track with this one (obviously not quite it as the feet and mussel are not pink and the tail and mane are not yarn) but I would think otherwise quite close. However if photo 2 is close then I am on the wrong track. lol.
    Post Code #8744

  16. I was lamenting no success on finding this the other day and lo and behold y’all go and comment. That is so sweet to know someone else is still keeping their eyes open! Jess, I’ve seen a lot of giraffes but no horses ๐Ÿ™ Brenda, that is by far the closest I have seen!!! The picture on the top is mine. The second is definitely not it so you’re on track with yours. Photo 2 is not close. Photo 1 is the original.

    Thank you thank you!
    Ruth Ann
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  17. Thanks Ruth Ann – yes we are all still looking, wishing and hoping. ๐Ÿ™‚
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