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Searching – Fisher Price Pink White Puffalump Lamb — 26 Comments

  1. I’ve seen a 1986 puffalump for sale, if that’s any good. Looks the same (pink and white)

  2. You’re right, Mandy. This is a picture of the 1986 one. As near as I can tell that is the one he’s looking for. Did you see it for sale somewhere now?

  3. Are there stuffed animal restoration places? I have a Pooh Bear that was given to me in about 1975, bought from Sears, it was passed to my son in 1994 and it’s looking a bit rough. I’d love to get it restored if possible so we can pass it along again. Thanks

  4. I am desperately looking for this same lamb. If you could provide me with any location where to find it, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

  5. We’d certainly let you know if we find one for you, Jason, but we have no way of contacting you. Please contact us so we’ll have an email address.

  6. Tami, you’re amazing! Where do you find all this time?????

    I’ve emailed Tim with the links.

    Thanks, again!!

  7. Thanks for the link, Cat Jane. I emailed Tim, but haven’t heard if he still needs one or not.

  8. 2/2/10 3 on eBay
    160400390513, 350311766634 $$$$, and in a lot of Puffalumps 360231193661

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