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What Kinds of Toys are YOUR Favorites? — 11 Comments

  1. I loved a lot of toys when I was a kid but my favorite was this one from Japan called “Time Shock”…the concept is to insert 60+ pieces of different sizes and shapes into their respective slots within the sixty second that the timer allows. if you don’t manage to finish, the whole thing “explodes”. It was really fun.

  2. Great Blog and great information. When I was a child (still am – most days), my favorite toys were bats and balls. I’m a gal but grew up with all brothers — so became the tom-boy! Mom wasn’t thrilled to have the baby {girl} as a tom-boy, but what the hey!!

  3. Hi 2boysandtoys!

    My mother really did try to keep me from being a tom-boy, as I was not allowed to even play with the boys on our block. But she sure didn’t get the frilly little girl she had hoped for.

    Is it any wonder that you spend so much time at the ball park now?

  4. Hmmm, I wonder what made them change color. Was it that paint that changes with the temperature?

  5. I had a favorite doll named Ruthie. This was also my imaginary friend’s name so we had a lot of conversations, lol.
    My daughter has one of those puffalumps. She’s 18 and that Puffbunny is going to college with her this fall, missing stuffing and all.

  6. What happened to Ruthie, susiebell? Do you still have her, or do you know what happened to her? Do you know what kind of doll she was (is)?

  7. Well….the fields are fun, and I still like to get dirty!! My mom would have preferred me frilly and in a dress, but every time she did that – I got all dirty in short order so I could change into comfy clothes!!

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