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  1. All my stuffed teddy bears are on a shelf above my computer in the bedroom. My partner thinks they look frightening up there! I’m just worried that at some point they’re going to start falling off! Most of mine are bears though I have doggies, bunnies and puddy cats, too. No particular make.

  2. Hellllpppppp!! Watch out for falling bears!

    How could anything as sweet and adorable as a stuffed teddy bear look frightening??

  3. I’m waiting for a display case to put my dolls in, most of them are in bags, only displayed on my Doll blog. Though some are on another site too, as they are rare cornish shallowpool dolls.

  4. I enjoyed looking at your dolls, and I’m sure you will enjoy them more when you can see them on display in a protected cabinet.

  5. I don’t personally collect anything, but my mother-in-law collects salt & pepper shakers (the odder the better) and she stores them on bookshelves and in a curio cabinet.

  6. Dunyasha, do you ever give her salt and pepper shakers as a gift? And will you be inheriting this collection?

    We’ve been selling items from my mother-in-law’s collections for several years now in our Rosemary Estates Stores!


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  7. I hope you kept your stuff, Mike! We sold our mint graded original 1970’s Star Wars action figures in mint blister cases for about $600.00 each!!

  8. I collect magnets from all of the places I’ve been (and I usually ask my friends/family to bring me back one if they go somewhere) – I keep them on my desk drawer (metal). I have quite a few stuffed animals I like – one is sitting on my desk, the others are in a basket. I don’t care about tags – my stuff is priceless.

  9. They used to warn everyone to keep magnets away from any computers or disks. I guess your magnets aren’t strong enough, or computer materials have improved in their ability to withstand the magnetic fields.

    I think I’m right that the habit of leaving swing tags on stuffed animals started with the Beanie Babies craze. Nobody used to ever leave them on.

  10. My experience with computers goes all the way back to the 5 1/4 floppies, so don’t take my word for it, Jen, But it probably is worth checking into.

    Why, you couldn’t even safely have a telephone around those vintage ones! Let alone one of those thingies that holds paper clips magnetically.

    They also tell you not to use a magnetized screw driver inside the case, but I’ve done that a few times and gotten away with it. So who knows …

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