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We Sold a RARE Snuzzles! ***Revised*** — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks for commenting, Anonymous.

    When we buy an item for resale and pay the asking price, I don’t consider it to be ripping anyone off. There’s been more than once that we bought something we thought would sell for a profit … and it didn’t. It’s all part of the normal process of buying and selling collectibles.

  2. I never heard or seen a Snuzzles before. They are rather cute though. I must have missed some good toys in the early to mid 90s!

  3. We rreceived an email today from someone asking if we had another one of these yellow Snuzzles elephants. I wish we did, but maybe one of you can help them out.

    Please contact us, if you would be interested in selling one of these, and we’ll give your email address to the interested buyer.

  4. Our first Snuzzles, nzmommy, was one we bought for our grandchildren for when they came to visit. We’ve sold every Snuzzles we’ve been able to find ever since then. They are definitely a very popular collectible stuffed animal series.

    We have a Searching post for a Snuzzles bunny rabbit, so if you see one, we know someone who needs one desperately.

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