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Hey Diddle Diddle Doggy FOUND, But No Contact Info?!?! — 8 Comments

  1. nice topic for a blog u got here. I wish i had found this place when i was younder…btw can i also ask questions about fixing broken electronic toys?

  2. I appreciate the compliment on our blog, Yash. You can ask about fixing the electronic toys if you want to, but I sure won’t be able to help LOL!

    Maybe some of our readers can suggest another blog that might be more helpful, or maybe they will be able to offer you some suggestions, so ASK AWAY!!

  3. That’s it, Tami, but the Anonymous blogger never did email me, so I can’t get hold of them. What a shame!

    I’m sorry you wasted your time on this one. I probably should have pulled the post a long time ago, but the comment about needing help on electronic toys was there, so I didn’t.

  4. I hate to see it disappear… i think I will buy it and mail it to you… then if you find them they can pay me back … would that be ok with you? If so email me your address.. i don’t want any more stuff at my house.


  5. If this were a recent request, that might not be so bad an idea, Tami. But this has been on here since May of 2005, and they never came back to look again.

    I think I’ll just leave this post, but take Searching off of the title. I don’t want this to happen again.

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