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Do You Remember Clackers? Toy Recalls — 13 Comments

  1. i have never heard of “clackers” but they sound like they were really fun. it’s to bad they took them off the market!!!

  2. If you never had the opportunity to play with them, you missed a real treat. I bet parents were glad they were taken off the market, though, because they were really LOUD!

    It’s a shame some of these fad toys turn out to be so dangerous. Do you remember slap bracelets? They weren’t safe, either.

  3. Its leave a comment Monday. I love this blog. It brings back so many memories. Clackers sound wonderful. Everything out there is dangerous. My grandson had a tiny ball which his dog ate. The dog needed surgery. Does that mean the ball must now carry a label that says “Not for homes that have a dog?”

  4. Why, Dr. John, what a nice thing to say. I’m glad I’m helping you enjoy some of your forgotten memories.

    I never had one of the Clackers crack, myself, but I do understand why this was discontinued. The upward “clack” put the balls at eye level, so if they shattered on that hit there could be very serious eye injuries.

    Maybe somebody will come out with a version of this toy made of a different material. Judging by the comments here, sounds like it might be a craze again, if it were available.

  5. I remember these! Yeah, it’s really too bad. But I really can see the “danger” in these, if they’re used by inappropriate ages.

  6. I can just imagine, Mr. Ray, some kid using them like num chuks! But it was the breakage that got them banned.

  7. That was the kind of noise, Miz, that only a child could love! I’m sure there weren’t any parents who were sad to see Clackers taken off the market hehehe.

  8. Surfed in via Blog Soldiers. I have a pair of clackers we bought while we lived in Italy in 1970 😀 They are of a hard plastic that has stress lines on each ball, so I don’t play with them TOOOOO often LOL Needless to say, I’ve seen the original ones they sold here in the States and can imagine what the powers that be would say about the ones we bought over seas hehehehehe They’d have coranaries LOL

  9. I’ve seen pictures of several different types of these, but the ones I remember did not have a handle. It was just a plastic ring to slip over your finger or hold onto, and the balls at the ends.

    Jean, if you can see the stress lines, maybe it’s time to enjoy the memories, but don’t clack?

  10. I had a set of clackers from the 80’s that were hard plastic not the clear acrylic ones that I am finding. Everyone in the neighborhood used to play with them and they lasted years of hard abuse. Wish I knew what happened to them…

  11. i just bought a set of vintage clackers.they still have them.i use them all the time.they are really cool.

  12. Hopefully, Anonymous, you will enjoy them, and not end up being sorry you bought them. The were banned for good reason! Ebay doesn’t allow recalled items, but people sell them, anyway.

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