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Calling All Beanie Baby Collectors – Dana Needs Your Help! — 8 Comments

  1. We have too huge Rubbermaid containers filled with Beanies in the garage — one box filled with popular Beanies, such as all the hip bears, etc, with tags still attached. I don’t think it’s all that popular now. My son was five when we used to shop for them. Now he’s 10 and into Naruto, so times change.

  2. For awhile there you could have gotten a very good price for them, but of course you had no way of knowing they were going to tank so quickly. Collecting for investment purposes is always a very risky business. Of course, if you guess right … your investment can go sky high!!

    Some of them are still collectible, though, but I don’t know which ones. I was hoping some collectors would give us a clue as to where to look for current information.

  3. Actually, it was never really an investment for us. We just loved the “chase” in finding all the new Beanies coming out. And my boy played with them, making big piles of the toys and showing all his friends and relatives his newest acquisitions. The fun was worth it — it was never about money. Good luck though for those who are trying to unload theirs.

  4. I’m glad you knew how to enjoy them at the time, Donald, because the only ones that have value now, as I understand it, are the ones that were never played with, and there aren’t that many, relatively speaking, that do have much value.

  5. I worked at Ty for a few weeks as a temp and was allowed to participate in an employee beanie purchase day. I was able to buy some pretty good beanies at the time and recieved one very good collectible.

    I have a feeling that we’ll end up selling them in a garage sale or on ebay. Sigh.

    The only reason we collected them was friends of ours did the same thing and ended up paying for their entire wedding by selling their collection. We waited too long to sell though.

  6. I have an idea that you’re right on that one, Dana. The time to make the big money on Beanies is just gone.

    We were far more fortunate with our guess that Star Wars would be a collectible. When our girls were little we bought an extra, when we bought them a figure to play with, and put it away. We’ve sold those for gigantic profits. There’s really no way to know in advance. It’s all just guesswork and luck.

  7. Thanks for your help anyway! I guess all my beanies will be sold at my garage sale. There are always kids who want more beanies for a couple of bucks. 😉

  8. Well, we tried, anyway. At least you can make some children happy, right?
    We do want to thank you for bringing your request for help to Plush Memories.

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