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FOUND – Carter’s Yellow Duckie / Bunny Slippers — 7 Comments

  1. 110079698538

    There is a duck with duckie slippers, are the ducks similar? So we know what to look for?

  2. I sent the email, but I think I found exactly what she’s looking for. I’m going to email again.

    Take a look at 160075714376 .

  3. I haven’t heard back from Jolene, yet, so it may be too soon to celebrate, Tami LOL!!

  4. you’ll find it in ebay the item # is 280158952697 it comes with another one check it out.

  5. I apologize to you, Kar. She had gotten one earlier from the help here, but I never changed the post. Sometimes I just get so confused with all this I can’t keep it straight – part Senior Moment and part Parkinson’s, I guess. LOL!!

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