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  1. HI I am also looking for a duck. My daughter loves it, she takes it everywhere. It is so dirty. If you get a response from someone that knows where to get one If you could let me know.. My email address is kamiobrien@cox.net Thanks so much!!

  2. I too am in search of this specific “Just One Year” Spotted Duck. or as my 1 year old says “Mine Duck-Duck” It’s so filthy, I’ve spot cleaned it numerous times, but she’s been with him since birth…goes no where with out him, well except the bath or shower. I’m terribly afraid of washing it in the washer just in case it’s destroyed in the proccess. I even went and looked for another just 2 weeks after she was born as I already noticed her attachment and have not had ANY luck for over a year now. Best of luck to you both…If I come across them somewhere, I will purchase extras if possible and contact you here. All I would ask is for what I paid and the cost to ship it to you. Otherwise, I’d post them in a friends ebay store for auction. Best of luck to us all in our search. Please let me know if you find him! As I too will for you!

    Thank you! =)
    Nvr Redy Mama of 3

  3. It’s a shame that Carter changes the design of their baby toys as often as they do. Judging from these three requests, this is certainly a popular lovey. Good luck to you all in finding one.

  4. I think we are looking for the same Duck. Target is the store that carries the “Just one Year” Carter’s line. I haven’t had any luck finding it either. My son is really attached to it. I know the person that got the duck for him bought it at Target.

    Does ANYONE know the correct name for this duck? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Since I don’t have any way to contact several of these people, I will post this here, and email the ones I can.

    This duck is on eBay right now. Search for 200187131181 .

  6. I’m not sure if this is the right one. It’s a Carter’s spotted, musical duck. On eBay. Item number 320244925933.

  7. That’s not it, Kar. I should have added the photo to the post while I had the chance back in Dec., but thanks for searching!!

  8. Post Code #080107-3
    Is this the right duck? Is any one still searching?
    ebay #300596858865
    ebay #350490057852 not working
    ebay #230540127638 2 available
    ebay #300569629205

    Best Wishes to all!

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