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  1. This must have been some Elephant! My wonderful girlfriend, and soul mate told me stories about her Elephant (which is identical to the one you’re looking for) She got hers from her father as she was torn from him arms in Saudi Arabia (she’s American) Her and her mother spent some time in Saudi custody before the American Embassy stepped in and had them sent back to America. The trauma was too much for her mother and my girlfriend was eventually put into an orphanage where she was separated from the only thing she had left to remember her family (her elephant). She got a letter when she was 15 telling her that her father in Saudi desperately wanted to come to her, but was killed in the process. She cries when she talks about it, and she’s pretty much come to terms with the fact that she’ll never see him or her elephant again. If I can find an elephant like this one, my plan is to tie an engagement ring on a ribbon around it’s neck and give it to her. It’s very symbolic of “family” to her and I think would be the perfect way to tell her I want to spend forever with her and start a family with her. If anyone can help me locate this elephant it could help a beautiful young girl get some closure to a horrible childhood, and could help me give her a feeling of security for the future! Please help! The elephant was yellow, had pink inside the ears, sang “you are my sunshine” and the head softly moved while it was playing. I believe it was made by Eden. Thank you so very much!

  2. when I was a baby my parents brought a doll to me in the hospital. She was a baby doll with a music box in her back. she had yellow piping up her sides and her shoes were of yellow felt. She had a sweet painted baby face. it kind of makes me sad to think about her.my step mom threw her and a lot of my other toys away along with my baby pillow and baby blanket. yes it was extremely cruel and mean. the baby doll had a small circle crank on her back for the music box inside her.I can still remember the song.even though I will probably never hear it again.I think that probably makes me the most sad.because she threw it away I will never ever hear the song again. I cried a lot when I was little.my mom was always in and out of the hospitals because she is schitzophrenic and bi polar. but that doll is from when I was born.when ever I cried if some one wound up the doll for me or if I wound it up I would stop crying.I know it sounds pathetic but even when I was like 12 and up.I still had the doll and would wind it up if I was sad or crying.and it would make me feel better. If anyone could help me find a doll like her I would be forever in your debt.

  3. You’ve done a good job of describing your lost elephant lovey, Sara, so hopefully someone will read this and be able to help you out. You never did say if your elephant played “You Are My Sunshine,” too, though.

    For a little toy to give a child so much comfort, it’s a real shame that it was thrown away. I will certainly try to help you find one like it!

  4. I have that elephant you are describing, he’s baby blue and he moves his head while playing that song, but my mom keeps it in a chest at the foot of her bed (might as well be in a vault) I am not writing this to brag, but rather to thank you for bringing the memory of that song to frisson.
    it’s funny how a seemingly bad day can go away with just the simple memory of that soothing song and the cognizance of the most care free days. I called my mother shortly after stumbling upon this page and asked her about that elephant, and she told me of how much i loved that toy, and it is one of the only toys she kept and one day she hopes to play it (while singing along) to my child. I guess it’s true “An elephant never forgets” Best of Luck in your search, and I will ask my mother to pull out the old guy with the matted material due to tears,drule,and snott! and write down any information as to who makes the old toy. If I find out anything that will help, I will be sure to re-post. God Bless.

  5. If your mother could take a picture of it that would be very helpful. I haven’t checked to see how he’s doing with possibly getting a reproduction made. I’m thinking he could make very good use of a photo of your blue one.

    If she can do that, please email me from here, and I’ll send you an address to email it to.

  6. I also had an elephant like this. I was just a little girl, maybe 3 or 4, when I lost him. As I remember him, he was white, with blue pom-poms. His head slowly rocked back and forth as the music played “You Are My Sunshine.” You had to wind it up to get it to play. I just loved him, and to this day, when I hear that song, I think of my elephant. I bought a giant beenie baby elephant who reminded me of the elephant, last year, but it doesn’t play the song or wag his head, so of course it’s not quite the same.

  7. LGP, this has turned out to be a much sought after lovie.

    I could add you to my list of searchers, but I do not have any way of contacting you.

  8. I too had that elephant. I named mine Tommy. He belonged to my first best friend named Sasha. She moved unexpectedly and left it behind. I took him everywhere. Many years later on a Girl Scout trip he got left behind at a hotel. I was so sad! To this day I have rocked my niece and nephew to sleep to that song. Now that I am going to have a baby, I would live to have him back. Any info would help.

    michelle HYPHEN butler AT hotmail DOT com

  9. I added your name to the mailing list for this very hard to find and much sought after Eden elephant. Don’t get your hopes up Michelle. It tends to get bid up quite high when one does show up on eBay.

  10. I have my elephant. He has pink ears, a light cream-colored body, and a pom-pom nose (three colors-yellow, blue, and cream), and blue eyes. He is made by Eden Toys. My aunt (who died from cancer last year), gave it to me before I was even born back in 1977. Sadly, he played "You Are My Sunshine" until less than a week ago when his music box was crushed in my suitcase. He doesn't play any more. *sigh* I still love him, though.

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