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  1. ‘Hi Daniel,

    Your story reminds me of what my father went through with me when I was a little girl. I had a stuffed lamb named Bobby. Bobby went everywhere with me. If I did not have Bobby, I could not sleep, would not eat, I could pretty much not function at all without her. Apparently, when I was 3 I fell asleep after a trip on the plane & left Bobby on board. When we got home, I immediately awoke and started asking for my lamb. My dad broke out in a sweat when he realized Bobby was probably still on the plane and sprinted to the car to drive back to the airport to recover her (this was back before airport security was so tough) . Luckily, she was there! However, he panicked about the prospect of this happening again and went out and bought a duplicate lamb in the event Bobby should be lost again. One day, in horror, I found “Cousin” in the closet! I can’t say if she would have made a sufficient surrogate if Bobby had truly been lost- but my point in all of this is that she never, ever came even close to being Bobby. To this day, I still have both and you would never be able to tell they are the same model lamb. Bobby is threadbare and nearly flat. Cousin is perfectly white and looks nearly new. From a stuffed animal lover, I can tell you your best bet is either to try to go back & question other CiCi’s employees- maybe another thought the lamb was cute and brought it home? Or try to find another special animal- don’t try to kill yourself finding the same model lamb- because it still won’t be the same!!! I am so sorry for your daughter’s loss & wish you the best!

  2. What you have related is so true. One very wise parent told me she gave the “new” version some rough treatment, until, as she put it, it was “Good as Old!”

  3. #080107-9 post code

    At that time many Cracker Barrel restaurants were selling ty at the rational suggested rates which could help with a match if you are still looking.

    Best wishes.

  4. I’ve emailed Daniel. The email address appears to be good, so we’ll see. Thanks again, Carrie, for all your hard work!

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