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Searching – WHITE LAMB with FAITH Embroidered on it — 3 Comments

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    Could this be a ganz lamb? Similar but not it.
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  2. Thank you! That is the closest I’ve seen. It must have been the same kind, a Ganz.

    Thanks for the lead! I will follow up.

  3. For postcode 120107-3

    Here is a similar lamb:


    It’s a Beanie Baby, which means it has beans inside of it. What I can suggest is if you find a similar lamb, bring it to a seamstress or a store that does embroidery work (can google to find one) and have the name “Faith” embroidered on the new lamb. Then, if your daughter fusses that it’s not the original lamb-ee, tell her it’s a sister of the original Faith and its name is also Faith. It’s heard about her all year and was lonely and wanted to live with her, come Christmas time. It loves her very much and wants to stay, can it? This is exactly how I used to play it with my son in an impossible situation and IT WORKED! But you have to play it upbeat!

    Good luck!

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