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FOUND – CARTERS Thank Heaven for Little Girls Pink RABBIT in BUNNY SLIPPERS — 8 Comments

  1. I think, I HOPE I have found it! I found a listing on e-bay:

    Item # 180206582859

    Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!


  2. I agree, Mandy. That certainly sounds like the one she is looking for. I will email her with the link.

    Thanks for being on a Mission!!!!!

  3. Mandy – Leigh has written to say that she did get the rabbit from eBay, thanks to your comment!! Hopefully, you’ll see this, since I have no way of contacting you to give you a proper thanks!!!

  4. We’re also looking for exactly this Carter’s bunny. If there is another to be found, our little girl will be very happy.

  5. I can’t help you, Victor, unless I have a way of contacting you if someone finds one!! I will be glad to make a new post for you, since this one is so old, if you will just email me!!!!!!!!

  6. Hello! My name is Leigha and I am looking for the white and pink rattle bunny that has the embroidered heart and says “thank heavens for little girls”
    My daughter fell in love with it as a baby and calls it her “bun-bun.” We found another at age one that I was going to put away and save for her to keep for when she’s older to see the difference.. but she saw it and insisted on dragging the two of them around. ๐Ÿ™‚ So now that she’ll be 3 this December, I’d Really like to *actually* have a new(er) one for when she’s older. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Our two are very worn!) If you come across one please let me know! Leighamarney at hotmail dotcom Thank you!!

  7. I’ll write you Leigha, so we can make a new post. This one never had a photo, plus it’s so old.

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