DISCONTINUED- 80’s BROWN BEAR Rock a Bye Baby WINDUP — 12 Comments

  1. I agree. That one is even closer than the one I sent her. I’ve emailed it to her, and no, you don’t need to put an email address. YOU have your own folder, Tammi!!! LOL!!!

    I never meant for anyone to put the linkable address, anyway. I had name AT isp Dot com in mind, so robots can’t pick it up so easily for spam.

    I need to reword my instructions.

  2. Ok thanks Friend.

    I hope this one is it.

    also? If they are on this page but they are also on the found page does that mean we are still looking?


  3. I do get requests to find a toy that was found for someone else quite frequently. But more than likely it’s just me making a mistake. Sometimes it is harder for me than at other times to keep this all straight.

    I have days when I get confused very easily. So, if you see one that looks odd, I’d appreciate a quick email.

  4. I’m pretty sure I have it, only problem is I washed it & now the music box does not work. 🙁

    I will take a pic tomorrow….

  5. Thanks for helping, whoever you are!! I look forward to seeing the photo, but I have no idea if Michelle would want one that does not play or not. I will send the photo to her as soon as I get it.

  6. Post Code #040608-8

    ebay # 140623620243 18″ VINTAGE ~ RUSHTON ~ MUSICAL BEAR ~ BROWN AND LIGHT TAN no longer plays

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