FOUND – Carter’s CAR CITY Blue BEAR BLANKIE — 7 Comments

  1. Dear Anonymous,

    I really appreciate your efforts to help, but it is not a good use of your time to search for ones that have already been found. Each post is titled Searching and then changed to FOUND if the request has been filled. The only exception to that is when more than one person is looking for it, and then I usually write FOUND But STILL SEARCHING in the title.

  2. I would really, really like help finding one of these as well. I would prefer that it be a new one so if anyone has one, if they would please, please reply, that would be so great!!

  3. Please use the Contact Us link, so I will have a way of emailing you if someone finds one.

  4. We HAVE ONE FOR YOU!!!!! Now if we could just contact you to tell you about it. Someone wrote us whose boys have never been interested in it.

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