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  1. Looking for the same in brown. I found on ebay, but they are asking $39.99 plus $5 shipping. A lot to ask considering they were around $7at Walmart. But I guess a small price to pay for your child’s security back!

  2. Hopefully you will contact me with your email address, since I can’t reach you if someone has the brown version of this blankie.

    As for the price, it is strictly a Supply and Demand business situation. What any lovie sold for originally has nothing to do with what they sell for later on. Sometimes really nice toys sell for almost nothing, while a cheap claw game toy goes for a high price.

    Hopefully someone will see this post who has one stuck back in a drawer, or some such, who can help you, but I need your email address!

  3. Have you considered making 2 blankies from the one you have left?

    Good luck, I’ll keep my eyes open for you.

  4. I am looking for that same Lovey….with Minky Aqua Dot fabric and Disco Dot Satin fabric on the reverse; same as in the photo. My son is TOTALLY attached to his, and I am in desperate need of a backup! I cannot find one anywhere – eBay, and other websites…they all come up empty. 🙁 Please help! krae136@yahoo.com

  5. I don’t know if they ever got contact info to you or not, but here’s the brown one the other person was looking for.
    ebay 300249891586

  6. They never contacted me Kar. This is the most frustrating part of the whole concept, and I don’t know what I can do short of not allowing Anonymous comments to stop it.

    Thanks for the info, anyway. It may help someone else who is looking for the brown one right now.

  7. I emailed Kelly (krae email address), so hopefully someone will be able to get it for a good price.

  8. I too am looking for the same exact blanket in Brown. It is my sons favorite and I need another one. I have been searching everywhere for one. I couldnt even find it on ebay and I did look there and on Amazon. If I saw it I would buy no matter what the price – I need it. Has anyone figured out where to find this blanket or how to contact the company? You can contact me at MommyMissi21 At Yahoo Dot Com. Good luck ladies – hopefully we can help each other out.

  9. I am not sure if you will respond to this, as it was from last year. However, we are in the SAME boat with the same exact blanket! It seems our 15 month has placed it in something or lost it. Did you ever find one? IF so, where did you get lucky?
    leann5498 at aol dot com

  10. #052608-5

    Try K-mart! My son had the “Blankets and Beyond” Dots Blankie with the brown center and the disco dots.I have been looking for a year for a back-up. I found identical design/fabric ones tonight at K-Mart by “Small Wonders”. They were $4.99.They had a pink with flowery satin trim and a blue one with jersey style numbers on the trim for boys. I was soooo excited.

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