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Searching – 60’s Winnie the Pooh GRAY EEYORE Donkey — 14 Comments

  1. I sent her the link to that one, plus a couple more I thought might be it. At least she should be able to tell us what it does NOT look like!!

  2. I have an old Sears Gund Eeyore like I've never had before…8 inches sitting, gray fur, black yarn hair mane & tail, and his eyes are glued on (they feel like paper). I have not cleaned it because of the eyes. I can provide pics if this is the one. Please let me know. Thanks! -Tonya

  3. I’ve shown her one like that already, so that won’t do. Thanks for the offer Katty!!

  4. POST CODE # 082408-8

    Hello,Kathy!! I think I found him!!
    Try item #370236952784 on Ebay! The starting bid is about $4.95!I read your decription of your Eeyore, and I think this is him!! Sincerely, Peggy 🙂

  5. By chance could this be him?
    Ebay # 360230447022
    Also considered Ebay# 370224753410
    Ebay# 380307484789

    Post Code #082408-8

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