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  1. #101608-1 Yes, I measure our lambie, they measure the same. I am very encouraged by your find, which means every few years the company will re-made the same lamb for Easter. ๐Ÿ™‚ Our lambie is already 5 years old. Is yours 2 years old?

  2. It would be fabulous if we could both find one. I hoped that the as new photo might be of help.

    I bought this lamb in August of 2006, here in the UK. Crossing my fingers for both of us that we find our little lambs. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Katty,

    I know this may sound a bit silly, but if you have any wool/knitting shops in your area you might want to have a look just in case. Knitters love their sheep. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. I received word this morning from someone who no longer needed help finding a lovie, because Best Ever told them it would be sold again this Easter. Maybe you two will be that fortunate!!!

  5. It certainly looks like the same lamb to me in a different color. So maybe Nova is a brand to watch for. Thanks Tami!


  6. Seems like we are all able to locate all the colors of this lamb except the white one. We already have the yellow and the purple lamb, just keep trying to find the white one.


  7. 101608-1

    Update. My mum found another one in a wool shop in Canada. The shopkeeper said she had bought it several years ago and had no plans to buy more (or for that matter sell the one she had) but mum told her the story and we now have a backup sheepy.

    This lamb had a sound chip (which we removed) and all tags attached.

    The tush tag says it's from Best Made Toys Ltd as we thought. It would be great if they do release it again, but I wanted to pass on this info anyway.

    There was also a distributor tag on the ear. The front of the tag says Snuggly & Cuddly. The back of the tag give the following info:

    Item # 934354 – MMIV
    6.5 in/ 16.51 cm
    Plush sheep
    Barcode: 066264005625
    Rite Aid Corp
    Harrisburg, PA 17105
    Made in China.

    Katty, I hope this is helpful!!

  8. Thanks for all the great information, and congrats on finding one. Now if Katty could just be so lucky!!!


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