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Searching – 80’s GUND GROUNDHOG — 7 Comments

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    Thanks for helping with the search Philxylina. None of the ones I found are old enough to be the right one.

  2. POST CODE #102808-11

    Know it has been some time. Could this be similar? Let us know.
    ebay #30689659865 8″ 1987 GUND Groundhog

  3. We have this Gund and also think its a groundhog. It was my son’s favorite toy as a baby. He’s 22 now. I have never seen another until I saw your post.
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  4. FYI, the date on the tag says 1987. We would like to find a replacement too as ours is well-used. his nose has turned pink because the fur on it wore off.
    Post Code #9412

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