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Searching – Jelly Kitten BLUE COW BLANKIE — 7 Comments

  1. #102808-12
    United Kingdom Ebay. You will have to see if they are willing to ship to you.
    Ebay Item number: 130264879852

  2. tami you are an incredible searcher!! I love it! I keep forgetting to put the post number on my responses… so when I wonder how to do it right i look at your postings!

    Keep it up… you are a life saver for many a parent!


  3. She’s been at it most of the day, seems like. I agree – one FABULOUS FINDER!!


  4. #102808-12
    thanks all! This site has been a great stress reducer to me. Makes me feel good about myself and calms me in my hectic house

    And they will mail the starry nights to America
    £2.25 to send to America.

  5. Wow Tami
    Thanks very much – I shall have to see if I am lucky! If not I shall keep my eyes open!

  6. Oh No I wasn’t lucky and got outbid so if anyone else sees a mooski or knows of someone with a spare one please let me know, thanks.

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