Dinah has written:

Hi Rosemary,
The pig came. He had to swim all the way from England! I’m so excited to be reunited. Thank you so much for your help finding me find it; I did not even think I remembered the name of the toy and was so happy to find your website and have a place to post about it.

80's? 90's? Plush Pig Candy DispenserI am looking for a Plush Pig I had about 17 years ago. Its belly was a candy dispenser, so you could store jelly beans (or cheerios like my health conscious parents made me) in the pig’s tummy. The stomach rolled up and down in order to dispense the candy. I called mine “Piggy Belly”, but I must have made it up because I can’t find anything about it on the internet.

I gave most of my stuffed animals away after my father died six years ago and my mom moved. I really regret giving some of them away and am trying to track down my favorites.

Similar Pig BankI don’t have any pictures of my old toy, but it was the same concept as the pig in the photo. The stomach was made of clear plastic, just like the picture. It was made of two half circles that snapped together (You took it apart to load the candy.) In order to get the candy out you could roll (spin) the stomach down to expose an opening where the candy could pour out of. The opening would be at 12 o’clock (at the top of the pig’s belly) when left alone.

Hope that makes sense!

Thank you!


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Originally posted 10/29/2008


FOUND – 80’s? 90’s? CANDY DISPENSER Plush PIG — 5 Comments

  1. I am looking for the jelly belly Doll from the 80s Ideal toys made them she was blue dressed like sailor and smelled of berries, there were 3 kinds lemon strawberry also. If anyone knows where to get one please contact me jessigrl10@hotmail.com
    thank you

  2. You are not the only one who called your toy Piggy Belly. So did my daughter. This was her most favorite toy and I have been search for another one for years. We filled her’s with Skittles. If anyone can help please let me know. I would really like to get her another one so she can share it with her 4 children.

  3. Also looking for the Plush Pig 80″s 90″s It’s Belly was a candy dispenser in Pigs tummy I think with Jelly Beans stomach rolled up or down to despense candy. It was a pink Pig. My daughter is 26 years old and still would like to have her toy back. I saw it on your web sight that someone got one back all the way from England” Wow that is great! hope you can help me. Thank You!

  4. My daughters birthday is coming up in june…when she was 6 her brother tore her JELLY BELLY doll a part could never find her another one…she had the blue one that smelled like blue berries…if some one has one please email me…it would make her so happy…..

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