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FOUND – Fluffyville GREEN FROG Plush FULL BODY PUPPET Top Priority — 6 Comments

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    Jolene is made by Fluffyville. If Heidi would settle with a white-chinned Jolene, you’d better HURRY. She’s on eBay 130267895569, 2 days to go. Best of luck to you.

  2. This is from Chris:

    Unfortunately, I didn’t see my message until a day too late. The frog puppet on ebay was not Jolene but indeed is the correct stuffed frog I am looking for.

    I tried to respond to Anastasia’s message but boggled it up and couldn’t figure out how to write the address.

    Thank you so much for your efforts. I missed the bid by a day. Would have gotten her for backup since she is not the actual Jolene. Found another substitute several months back. Heidi knew the difference, but has begun to accept her. I will still follow all leads to try to find the exact one and I would buy another just to have for backup. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness.

    Thank you again.

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    Seller says brand name unknown, but I’m pretty sure it’s Fluffyville. eBay# 390025732507. It has 6 more days on it. Good luck.

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    This is confusing, but I have located a green-chinned frog puppet that looks like Jolene. The tag says 1995 Happiness Zoo. Could this be the correct brand and not Fluffyville? Email me at recis77 at yahoo dot com if you want pictures.

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    Ebay Item number: 120423441232
    Happiness Always Frank Frog Stuffed hand puppet

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