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Searching – DanDee RED CHENILLE Lying Down DOG — 5 Comments

  1. No Tami, that’s not it. We have had this dog in other colors and it really is just as shaggy as the photo shows.


    I need to ask here size, too. If it’s the one I’m thinking of it’s fairly large.

  2. Thank you both SO much! I never thought I’d get responses to my post this quickly. Puppy is about 15 inches long. Here is what I believe Puppy originally looked like except red: Ebay item No. 380059874384. It has become this mission of mine to find Puppy. Her grandmother even called the Dandee Company and they said they no longer make it.

  3. #120608-2
    Actually, the puppy looks just like your red puppy picture when it’s new, except that the hair is not matted. It’s stringy but not curly. I have one very similar, but the nose is black with the rest of body being red. Mine is wearing a see-through red and white heart bow, with satin flower sewn on the knot. They are not the same maker though, as mine is “Designed for K-Mart”. No brand name. If you want a picture for reference, reply to post and I’ll send it to Rosemary.

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