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FOUND – DanDee MY FIRST TEDDY 2002 Blue BEAR — 9 Comments

  1. I am looking for the exact same bear, pretty please let us know if you find where to get one. rcomorda at yahoo dot com

  2. I checked out the bear that Tami found on eBay, unfortunately, it is made of terry cloth, which is completely different! I’m so bummed! Thanks so much for looking Tami.

  3. 121208-1
    sorry, the closest I can find now is 2001 blue velour
    ebay Item number: 370146235899

    will keep looking

  4. I just found this bear on eBAY and snatched it right up! Hooray! I have been looking for YEARS!


  5. please please help me find the same bear. my little girl is crushed we lost hers. it’s a dandee my first teddy 2002 on his chest. Just like the one in this picture.thanks to anyone who can help.

  6. OMMMG I HAVE THE SAME TEDDDY! I have trying to find a twin! but his feet are blue :3
    Post Code #9537

  7. Please I need this exact teddy my son has had it for 11 yrs We need a replacement with the soft material. please contact me soon. please please
    Post Code #9537

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