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FOUND – 80’s CLOWN with HALF RED – HALF BLUE & Painted FACE — 9 Comments

  1. I absolutely feel your pain. This weekend mousekeeping at disney world or as I prefer to call them, mousetheiving, put my daugter’s lovey in with the bedding. I hope you find your lovey!

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    I have on hand a 1982 clown that is extremely close to your descriptions. Yellow fabric mane, string on top of hat, exactly 12 inches tall, red/ blue body, painted face and all. He has chime? inside him (this makes his body firm) that make very pretty sound when moved from side to side. Email me at recis77 at yahoo dot com for pictures.

  3. Thank you Anon for your condolences…and thank you Anastasia for hopefully finding my Clownie. I have tears with just hopes that it is him!

    Thank you!

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    The clown was sold by American Greetings. Label indicated Baby SOFTTOUCH, 1982 AMTOY, INC. Just in case somebody else needs the info.

  5. I have that exact clown!! he has a small stain by his eye but not too noticeable. I am 25 and have had him since before i was born!

  6. I am looking for the clown doll in the pic. Know where I can find one? jordan05599 at hotmail dot com.1220084

  7. I am 26yrs old and was given that same clown when i was just born. I still that that ezact clown but i am also looking for another 1 bc it is completely falling apart and can not give it up. I know exactly how you feel. Like i said im 26 and will be 27 this month. My mom has been searching on the internet for years now trying to find that. Im trying to see if I could just get it re-made. I just want another one so I can pass it on to my own children one day bc it meant so much to me.

  8. I am looking for the same clown in the picture.
    Half red and half blue. My youngest daughter received it as a baby present from her godmother 27 years ago. It is completly falling apart but she still loves that clown. It was her security when she was little.
    I would love to find another so when she has her first child, I could give my grandson or grandaughter the same childhood toy their mother had.
    Hope someone could help me

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