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DISCONTINUED – Animal Adventure PINK CAT Plunkadoodle? — 12 Comments

  1. is this what you are looking for the one with the rattle?

    ebay 350117498854

    what is the length of the one you are looking for?



  2. MEOW is 12″ long from head to end of body…from head to tail is 16″. Looking for any size that looks like MEOW. Thank you

  3. 100708-3
    Amy did you look at the one Tami found on ebay? is it the same cat?
    Still listed.
    ebay 350117498854

  4. I too am searching for this cat. My niece had 2 one purple and one light green, the purple one disappeared and the green one is in bad shape. But I’ll take color for her. She loves her “meow-meow.” please help! amarkus15 at aol dot com

    Post Code #

  5. Post Code #100708-3

    If anyone is still searching?
    ebay #250881894638 pink

    similar but not it rattle version
    ebay #270773967757

  6. Amy: I have the pink and white one like shown in the picture above. I’d be happy to send you some photo’s if you’d like to see them. I’ve seen these range anywhere from $49.95 used to $95 new but would sell it for $50. Let me know your thoughts! Thanks.
    Post Code #9583

  7. Thanks so much. I’m not interested. It was lost 5 years ago. When my niece was 3 and devastated I may have considered it, but now, “meow meow” is a memory. Our original one was $10, inflation is tough! Thanks so much.
    Post Code #9583

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