FOUND – 70’s BEAGLE Wearing GRAY & BLUE STRIPED RAILROAD ENGINEER Overalls & Conductor Hat — 13 Comments

  1. Did the front of his bibs read “Casey Jones?” I know they were very popular around that time – and on ebay almost constantly for sale. He was a beagle as well. Also, sometimes the same dog was available without the words “Casey Jones” on his bibs.

  2. PS – made by Knickerbocker. Pics of him are all over the internet – I saw them with and without the writing in the bibs. I hope this is what you were looking for.

  3. I must be loosing it, because I couldn’t find any of them. What search terms are you using Kimberly?


  4. Rosemary – did you find this yet? When doing a web search – just make sure you click in cached instead of the regular link – cached pages include old ebay pics that are no longer viewable through ebay.

  5. Hey rosemary — let me know if you cant find a pic and I will send you one — Kim

  6. Thanks for the reminder Kim. I added the photo and info, based on your information and have written her to get a confirmation.


  7. #122908-4
    I’m not sure which version you need, but the Casey Jones one is listed on eBay# 300287422918.

  8. Hello,
    I have such a dog and he’s my absolute favorite stuffed animal since 1983 ;o)

    I’m now married but my lonely “Stascha” (I don’t know why I took such a strange name) is still alone. Does anybody know if there’s a female version of that animal?

    I think that I’ve seen a red one when I was a child. Any ideas?

  9. There is an identical one on ebay in the UNITED KINGDOM :o)
    seller is called *buny*hop*

  10. Thanks for the help Anon. This one has already been found. The ones that still need help say Searching – in the title.


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