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Searching – 60’s RED MONKEY with RUBBER FACE — 5 Comments

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    You did not mean red plush as in red rose color, do you? I have one that is more of an orangish-brown, smaller version. I’m at recis77 at yahoo dot com, if you want to see pictures.

  2. Hi Anastasia – yes the monkey was a red rose color – not pink, not orange, not brown. That was his original color – red.

    thanks for your reply–

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    Are these close? eBay# 360090425386 and 120294158750 They do make the larger version (with felt hands/ feet), but I have not seen one yet. Watch for Gund, Knickerbocker, and Rushton.

  4. Hi Anastasia:

    120294158750 has the right hands and feet but not the right body or legs or face. the legs and arms are longer and more “separate” from the body – ganglier. The face is not right either. I don’t really hold out much hope of finding it. But thank you very much for replying.


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