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Searching – 50’s WINDUP Plush LION – HEAD & TAIL TURNED — 6 Comments

  1. 011509-2
    ebay Item number: 180320917287
    ebay Item number: 250357047717
    anything like these?
    ebay Item number: 260343637954
    ebay Item number: 360116744160
    ebay Item number: 110338553534
    ebay Item number: 250356861937
    ebay Item number: 370143859233

  2. Tami,
    Thank you for all these. It was very much like one of them, though it is hard to tell from the the angle of the photo. I did not realize how valuable these items are. Currently out of my price range, but maybe later this year.
    Also saw the camel on the last item in your list which I can afford and will be bidding on as a gift for someone else!

  3. 011509-2 you are welcome. which one is it like. I thought maybe the first, as it was one that’s tail and head moves.

  4. POST CODE #011509-2

    Honestly all i know is what ebay says. You can contact the ebay seller with questions. Sorry!

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