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    Try K-mart! My son had the “Blankets and Beyond” Dots Blankie with the brown center and the disco dots.I have been looking for a year for a back-up. I found identical design/fabric ones tonight at K-Mart by “Small Wonders”. They were $4.99.They had a pink with flowery satin trim and a blue one with jersey style numbers on the trim for boys. I was soooo excited.

  2. try walmart again because i just bought one for my friend newborn like 2 weeksago and it is the same blanket

  3. Hi,
    I have a couple of questions from the previous post. Were there a lot of these blankets at Wal-Mart or only the one that you purchased? Were there different patterns (I am looking for the bright pink minky with zebra pattern)? I didn’t have any luck at my Wal-Mart. Thanks!!!

  4. We have a blankets and beyond blanket too. I got it from Marshalls. It is a hit or miss though. Every time I go back to a Marshalls or TJ Maxx, I look for a back up just in case. Good luck!

  5. Ebay: 250426086394

    This is a large blanket – could make 4 smaller blankets out of it.

  6. Desparate to find a beige colored blanket and beyond baby blanket – satin trim with a faux-fur side. My child is so attached to it, we need another one just in case.

  7. POST CODE #020209-1

    Ebay# 390113322279 nwt 30X 36 2 available.

    Not sure if you are still looking or on the mailing list for this search.

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