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Searching – 80’s? DanDee SMALL LION CUB Purrs When Moved — 5 Comments

  1. item # 020309-1. Thank you for your search of my itme on ebay. I looked at it. It was close. The one on ebay has a brown nose instead of a pink plastic nose. Mine has a shorter tail and is a little smaller. My cubby is shorter. But I might get it if nothing else comes up, because it is real close. Thank you for all of your hard work. Karen

  2. Oh my goodness! I am reading the posts and stumbled upon this one. I had this little guy and sold him on ebay about a month ago. I thought he was a tyco kitty kitty kittens but after all the research I did to find what he was, I never did find him. Now I know why~he is not tyco kitty kittens but Dan Dee. You may want to search tyco kitty or jungle kittens because mine did not have a tush tag(it had been removed) and I had no idea the brand and since he was so similar in size and they made a jungle edition, I thought he was a jaguar kitten. I sure wish I would have seen your post first so I could have helped you find your lost friend!

  3. he was listed under ebay item # 180775957949

    if you need another photo or anything. I didnt’ know who made the little guy!

  4. That’s a shame, but it couldn’t be helped. I’m using the best Search plugin here I’ve been able to find, but it’s way too easy to miss something. You’re a great Fabulous Finder, so no need to beat yourself up over it.

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