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Searching – 2008 Walmart DanDee HUGGABLE LOVABLE FROG — 9 Comments

  1. ebay 250392847469 I have emailed the seller to see if they will sell one plush because there are 3 more in this lot other people are looking for. Good Luck with your search! -Tonya

  2. I’m looking for that very same frog. I too bought it at Walmart 2007. Have you got any leads on where to find one?

  3. I have this frog new in box. If you are interested or still looking, let me know. He is sitting on the top of a cardboard box. That is how he came new. I can send you a picture to be sure he is the same. thanks!

  4. POST CODE #022109-5
    Rebecca…I would love to see a picture. I had all but given up finding this frog.

  5. this frog is made by Dan Dee. That may help in the search for him. Unfortunately, the one I have has the soft feet and hands not all furry like the one in the picture. I will keep looking though! Maybe others can help now knowing he is made by DANDEE

  6. The one with the softer hands(if he will do) is listed on ebay brand new in box. He is exactly the same except for the velour hands and feet.

    item # 180694590596

    buy it now or best offer