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Searching – 1996 PINK PALE YELLOW PLATYPUS Lying Down DUCK — 9 Comments

  1. Yes, it’s really similar!!
    The color is a little bit different (the one in my picture is light yellow), but it looks like the one I’m searching for!
    It could be a good choice. I will try to see if I fond a yellow one, otherwise I will buy the white version!!
    I will let you know!

  2. 022209-6
    approximate what year was she looking for this plush? Is it the same brand as the one pictured or just similiar to it. Did the one you are looking for have wings? thanks for the info

  3. I just bought the one on ebay written on the first comment to have, for now, a good copy.

    If you will found an exact version that the one in the picture (that is the one I’m searching for) leave me a comment.

    The year was around 1996!

  4. #022209-6
    How long is this duck approximately? Is the scarf original or added on?

  5. The head should have the size of about one hand. I think that the scarf ( should be a bandana ) was original but it’s east to add it on a platipus without a scarf! 🙂

  6. #022209-6
    Why don’t you send me an email to recis77 at yahoo dot com. It’s hard to judge the head size but I can tell you that this one is 14 inches long, pale yellow in color. The one pictured look much lighter in color of bill and fur, not sure if it’s the flash or years of play. Anyways, I can send you picture and let you decide whether it’s the right one or not.

  7. I wrote you an email! Let me know if you will have problems to receive it!

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