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FOUND – 2008 Wal-mart PINK RABBIT with My First Easter WHITE POLKA DOTS Wearing a HOOD — 16 Comments

  1. I found the pink one i was looking for last night on Ebay…paid $30 with shipping!! totally crazy, but we do what we have to for our kids, right? I am still looking for 1 more just to be extra safe. so please let me know if someone comes across the pink one or the white/pastel colored one. thanks again, Stacy.

  2. I remember buying one the pink one last year but for some reason recall packing it up with the Easter decorations. I will look when I get home from work (5:15PM CT) and let you know either way. I hope I’m remembering correctly!


  3. Stacy,

    I do have it!!! I have filled out the online form and you should be contacted soon with my e-mail address. When you get it, please e-mail me your mailing address and I’ll get it in the mail. No charge. Enjoy!


  4. Does anyone have one of these pink and white polka dotted bunnies left? I need one for my daughter – she lost hers! It is the 2008 Wal-Mart pink and white one with hood.

  5. There is a blue and white polka dot “My first Easter Bunny” w/ a hood listed on ebay for $29.99.

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    I forgot to leave my email address before. I’m the one looking for the pink and white polka dotted HOODED bunny from Walmart (Easter 2008) that is shown in this post. I don’t know where we lost it but we are frantically trying to find a new one to replace it. My daughter definitely knows her bunny and would not be happy with another color. If anyone can help, please email me.


  7. Hello. I have the blue my first easter 2008 bunny. Dont know why I got it, cus my son was born in may. he missed his 1st easter until 09.
    anyway, if anyone needs it let me know.

    it's been in the closest with a bunch of other furry friends 🙂 I am actually on a hunt for a white lamb that was sold around the same time in march of 2008 with a blue bow on. He is my son's lovey, named " Lammie " we REALLY need a new one 🙂 crystalisland83@gmail.com

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    I'm the mother of a 16 month old girl that is REALLY attached to the pink and white polka dotted my first easter bunny with 2008 on its foot from Wal-Mart. I can't find one anywhere. Anyone that can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Hers is falling apart, the nose is unravelling and she can't go anywhere without it. If she wakes up at night and can't find it, she has a fit until we find it and hand it back to her, then she goes right back to sleep. We desperately need to find one just like it before it falls apart completely! My e-mail address is tammyluvstracy@live.com

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    I added your name and info to the mailing list for these hooded rabbits.

  10. I am also looking for this bunny. We lost ours on the trip. Our daughter's was the white one with pastel polka dots, year 2008. Any help will be great.



  11. Hello! I am also looking for one of these bunnies, Walmart PINK MY FIRST EASTER BUNNY Plush HOOD Dots. We have purchased 2 back up bunnies but recently my ill behaving dog got a hold of them and they no longer have faces! So DD has been carrying around the original one (we call her Old Bunny) and today lost it. I have no idea how she is going to sleep. Nap time today was a nightmare. If anyone has one of these I would greatly appreciate it. I'd rather not spend more than 15 dollars on it (but you know we will do what we have to for our kids!). I'd prefer pink since that is the one she loves so much.

    Wendy Wooten
    murphy.wendy at gmail dot com

  12. I am desperately seeking the blue bunny with 2008 on his foot and My first Easter on his belly and he has pink ears. This is my sons favorite thing in the world. He lost it somewhere 🙁 My husband got it for him before he deployed and he's lost it. It is very important to my son! PLEASE if anyone finds one let me know! jenniferlblankenship@hotmail.com

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