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Searching – 2008 KELLYTOY WHITE BEAR with a RED SATIN BOW — 8 Comments

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    was your fuzzy when you got it or from washings?
    ebay Item number: 180101170479

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    Are you sure that this bear is 8.5 inches tall? Based on the proportion to your daughter’s arm, it seems to be around 14 inches tall. The one from Kellytoy catalog doesn’t seem to have the same bow or plush either. Plush should be stringy instead of smooth. I recalled seeing 2 of them at a resale shop, same plush type around 14 inches tall. Too bad my memory can’t remember whether it’s DanDee or Kellytoy. I will check Friday after work. If it’s indeed the right one and still available, would you like me to get both? Please don’t get your hopes too high, because I could be wrong, and I don’t want to disappoint.

  3. Um- the body measures 8.5 in., that isn’t including the legs or arms. I am pretty sure it is that one off the kellytoy website. I even sent them this picture and they thought is was indeed that one. We could be wrong- I just know it is a KellyToy, and has some beanies in the bottom. It did look a lot different brand new- it is over a year old and has been washed ALOT! If the bear is the same one- I would buy it but not for over 20 dollars. Not including your shipping costs. Maybe you could take a picture or something???

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    So sorry I have been very busy and was too late to purchase the bears. They’re both gone, either bought or thrown away. I asked the store owner about the 2 bears but he didn’t remember. Hopefully somebody else will find another for you. Again, sorry.

  5. Still searching for this bear or a similiar one, we found one about 4 inches tall (that looks identical) that she has been using, but it too is very old and worn.

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