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  1. God bells all those who follow and praise this blog. It is wrttentha those who distract from God’s path will suffer in eternity. God blees those who see the light of the saviour and our world tha this God’s kingdom.

  2. Hi Martin,

    Thank you for stopping by. We consider this Search Service to be our way of showing God’s love.

  3. I have your FROG!!!! He is in very good condition and still plays the jesus loves me tune! I was about to list him on ebay and then I came across your post! I will hold off until I hear from you. Let me know if you are still looking!

  4. jenni3@spearfish.com email me im still looking my daughter still loves “FrogE” as she calls him and her birthday is coming up soon and bringing froge back to life would be a great present.

  5. POST CODE #111608-1
    If either of you are still searching
    ebay #120756936088 make offer.

  6. Ebay#370845748091 is the frog but no sound. Would at least be a new body if someone was sewing talented.
    Post Code #111608-1

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