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Searching – 80’s Sears WINNIE THE POOH — 8 Comments

  1. On ebay… item number 350167521955

    It os a buy it now

    Hope it is the right one.


    Tami R.

  2. On ebay not sitting down …
    I found quite a few with the search words Vintage Pooh Sears…




    I hope one of them is right.

    T R

  3. thanks so much im not sure if this is him or not i am going to ask my aunt who bought him for me when i was born i cant really remember too much of what he looked like back then


  4. Probably too late for bidding- 1/10/13 on goodwill site- 2 winnie the Poohs, one with sears tag….

  5. I have the ones from Goodwill site coming in the mail- if you email me I can send pics if you are still searching-

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