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Searching – Commonwealth Jumbo Love PINK and PURPLE ELEPHANT — 8 Comments

  1. Hi I am so sorry you are going through this. I am 30 years old and have had my jumbo love pink elephant since I was 5. I do not know what I would do without him. Well I decided to search for one for my son because he is 8 and he is attached to it. I an very disappointed because until he got his hands on him the elephant was in good condition. Now it is missing all the stuffing in its belly so I decided to search for one for him and that is how I came across your search. Now I am happy I still atleast have mine. My son loves the softness. I hope you find one and if I find one I will post it. Bye!!

  2. thank you very much..the more eyes I have the better the chance in finding him. You can go to the local craft store and re-stuff him. And put him away until your son handles him better, only because now these are sooo hard to replace. good luck and love him lots!

  3. What size is the elephant? I think I have seen one in a local thrift but uncertain. Thanks!

  4. i would say about 2ft tall. It’s pretty large for a kid. Oh i hope its him! thank you for posting!

  5. I will run by tommorow to see if its the same one. I remember it catching my eye due to its enourmous size for a pink puffalumpy type elephant. Im not so sure its stil there but I will check and keep you posted.

  6. Thank you kindly..not too many people would go out of their way like that. I appreciate it soooo much!

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    Neither is cheap but best of luck to all!

  8. Thanks, Carrie! We still have the elephant for sale in our catalog for less than either one of these. I sent these links to the mailing list, too.

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