Lillian Vernon Blond Doll Pink Dress My 1st Doll Removable Apron

Lillian Vernon Plush Blonde Doll Pink Velour Dress White Eyelet Trimmed Bodice Embroidered MY 1ST DOLL Removable White Eyelet Trimmed Apron Pink White Striped Legs White Eyelet Trimmed Pink Velour Bonnet (CHILDS NAME ON APRON WITH IRON ON TAPE – Should be removable with steam)

Lillian Vernon Small White Poodle Dog Pink Bows Polka Dot Red Leash

Lillian Vernon Plush 7 inch Standing White Poodle Dog – Pink Satin Hair Bows – Black Plastic Eyes, Molded Nose – Red Grosgrain Collar – White Polka Dot Red Leash with Velcro to make Loop – Beanie Tush LIKE NEW