1990 Galoob PEEPER PALS Dog Eyes Do NOT Light Up

WORKS – 1990 Galoob PEEPER PALS Plush 16 inch Tan Puppy Dog Brown Ears, Eye Patch, Hands, Tip of Tail – Tan Muzzle Brown Plastic Nose – One Brown, One Cream Movable Plastic Eyelids – Blue Plastic Eyes Light Up When Tummy is Squeezed – Aqua Blue, Tan, Yellow, Cream Plaid Cotton Sleeper – Yellow Collar, Cuffs – Silk Screened PEEPER PALS on Chest – Velcro Tush Flap Covers Battery Pack (2 AA BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED) (BATTERY COMPARTMENT SHOWS CORROSION – EYES OPEN AND SHUT, BUT NO LIGHT – PARTIAL SILK SCREEN NAME – OTHERWISE VERY GOOD CONDITION) DISCOUNTED