Searching – 80’s RED CATERPILLAR Squeaks

I have been looking for years for a velour caterpillar toy from around 1989-1990. He was approx 15-18″ long. His head was red with blue plastic sleepy looking eyes and two 1-2″ yellow string “feelers” on top of his head. He had a “V” stitched smile. The back two sections had squeakers in them. It was purchased in Wisconsin around 1988-1990. The fabric was … Continue reading →

FOUND – GUND Tinkle, Crinkle, Rattle and Squeak in BLACK – RED – WHITE Top Priority

I am looking for a Gund Tinkle, Crinkle, Rattle and Squeak that is black, red and white. I have found the primary colored ones as well as the pastel, but no black, red and white. My mother gave one to my daughter around 2003 when my daughter developed leukemia. She took it to the hospital and subsequent clinic visits. We have lost it! Help! … Continue reading →


Dear Rosemary, THANK YOU!!! I just bought a replacement lovey for my daughter’s Tessa’s very hungry caterpillar on e-bay, thanks to you and your wonderful community of searchers. Please use this comment anyway you’d like to let people know how great you, your FABULOUS FINDERS, and your site are!!! Best,Annetta Whoooooopppeeeeeeee!!!!! I’m looking for the 2004 version of the Very Hungry Caterpillar stuffed toy. … Continue reading →

Searching – GOFFA My Best Friend CATERPILLAR

Im looking for a stuffed caterpillar by Goffa. It is not the huge one they have for sale. The one I’m needing is about 24″ or so. The one I had said, “My Best Friend For Ever Ever Ever Ever” down it’s back. Believe it or not, I’m a grandmother, and I use it for the arthritis in my neck. It is the only … Continue reading →


Thanks to several emails and posts by our readers, Katy won her caterpillar on eBay. We have two emails offering a source for this lovey, so contact us if you are searching for this Hungry Caterpillar! I am looking for a Carter’s Very Hungry Caterpillar from about 2004. It’s probably about 12-18 inches long when stretched out, and I think it may originally have … Continue reading →