FOUND But Still Searching – Okie Dokie Brown Dog Blankie Blue Eye Patch Feet Woof Woof

Denise located the missing one, but we still have a mailing list of people looking for this blankie.

Okie Dokie Brown Dog Blankie Blue Eye Patch Feet Woof WoofI am searching for an OKIE DOKIE 18 inch Square Tan Velour Blankie with a tan dog head in the center. The dog head has a blue eye patch and ears, a large brown nose, red tongue and a blue satin bow. The blanket has brown patches and is embroidered WOOF WOOF, with blue feet on the corners and a cream satin lining.

My 5 year old daughter, Maggie, has had this lovie (Mr. Woofie) since birth and lost it yesterday. It’s been a special part of our family through my dad’s cancer, many sicknesses etc & we are broken hearted trying to find it. I have spent two days retracing steps and turning our house upside down with no luck. She has cried herself to sleep for 2 nights :( Please help!



If you can help Denise find this Okie Dokie Brown Dog Blankie Blue Eye Patch Feet Woof Woof, THIS SITE IS NO LONGER ACTIVELY MANAGED. Please use Our FREE FACEBOOK GROUP, including the POST CODE #24766

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Posted Dec 12, 2012


FOUND But Still Searching – Okie Dokie Brown Dog Blankie Blue Eye Patch Feet Woof Woof — 10 Comments

  1. My 5 year old son lost the exact same dog blanket on 12/13/12. “Charlie” is sorely missed, as he was my son’s companion from birth to just the other day. Retracing all of our steps to locate Charlie. I think my wife and I are more torn up about it than he is, but Charlie has literally been everywhere with us. We were looking forward to finding him in 20 years and cherishing the memories of Charlie since he is an integral part of our family.
    Postal code 80016.

  2. I will buy the one that was found on the 12th. My son lost his 12.12.12 and wants to find “KIKA” please help

  3. If anyone has found a website that sells one of these please let me know, my three year old son has lost his it has been missing for a week now he calls it Silky Dog he misses him so bad I wish I could find somewhere that sells that same even though it want be the same.

  4. Aimee you saved me! Thank you so much for finding this I check eBay almost every day. My nephew is going to be so excited to get his puppy back. Thanks again you’re a rockstar!

  5. No problem, I stumbled upon it by total accident today. It would have been really hard to find in searches as some important key words were not used.

  6. I am looking for the same puppy so if anyone sees one please let me know.
    Post Code #24766

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