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Searching – 2006 MULTI-COLOR PASTEL BEAR — 6 Comments

  1. POST CODE: 070709-1

    I am pretty sure this is what you are looking for.

    Ebay Item Number: 150207587192

    Hope this helps:)

  2. Hi Jill! I've looked all over, and I'm almost positive that it is the Ty Bear. There are 2 different sizes though. 1 is the larger size (about 12 inches or so) and the other is the Beanie Baby size (about 6 or 7 inches). The one in the pic looks likes the bigger version. I think I may have found one at a local second hand store. Let me know if you are interested in it. I can get it for a few dollars and send it to you. Just post back to this blog to let me know. Thanks! Tiffany

  3. I don't believe it is the Ty bear at all. The fur is different. This is more textured than the Ty ones. I think it's the Petting Zoo one. Check out the pics. Because of the tye-dye look, each bear's coloring is going to be a bit different but even the bow around the neck looks to be the same as the petting zoo one. Just my opinion.

  4. By the way, you can see the Tush tag in the pic – Navy Blue. The Petting Zoo bear has a navy blue tush tag as well – just like that one.

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