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Searching – Carter’s Prestige No. 3213 PINK KNOT DOLL — 14 Comments

  1. Hi Tami. Thanks for the reply. YEs, seems to be velour-like material. There are flowers on the front. Can yo usee the photo on the site? Do you have a doll? Thanks, Scott

  2. Sad news…her current one has finally disintegrated. I didnt know a child could be so sad. Please help. Cash not a problem. Thanks.

  3. Use Name/URL instead of Anonymous to show your name. But what you did works just fine.


  4. Thank you…I ordered a Twinkle Baby. Looks similar…but different. We will try it. But the search continues for the real deal!! Thanks! Scott

  5. Got the Twinkle Baby. Very Very similar. Thank you. She smiled when she snuggled with it!! She wants me to take another Carter/Prestige one I tried and cut out the rattle…and face!…to make it more like her original. Oh my… Thanks for the lead to Twinkle Baby. [still would lke theoriginal…but ok for now! Thanks] Scott

  6. Not sure if you are still looking, but there is a similar one on ebay if you search Carter's knot doll. It has the wrong color hair, though.

  7. oh my gosh!! that's it…you found it. Thank you. It's used, but seems ok. I just bought it! [still looking for a new one, also]. Thanks!!

  8. If you are still looking for this doll, I have one that I dont’ know who makes it. It is a pink velour type material but is solid pink body with no flowers or anything like that. I can send you a photo if you are intersted.

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