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  1. 07280+-1
    It is spelled monchhichi

    there are many on ebay. Was yours wearing clothes?

  2. Hello, my friend! I'm just wondering, what type of monchichi are you looking for? There were boy/girl monchichis, baby monchichis, and I've even seen monchichis with teardrops in their eyes! I'll be looking on ebay, too!

    And, by the way, don't worry- there was indeed a monchichi cartoon, and you can find a clip from it on youtube!! :)Sincerely, Peggy POST CODE #072809-1

  3. Hello, Just in case your still looking. I live in Dover, DE. and tonight I spotted one at Targets.

  4. Dear Meghan,

    My son also lost his Monchhichi when he was three. I found a boy and girl set for my granddaughter and a LARGE boy for my son on Amazon.com.
    be of good cheer — they’re there for you!
    Post Code #10148

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