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FOUND – 2004? GANZ Heritage Collection BLACK and WHITE DOG — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for helping search on Ebay. His nose actually looks alot like it does with the repair….only better. 🙂 His mouth was black like his nose (when I sewed it back on, she decided he needed a purple mouth this time). And his body is all white. Only his ears and half his face are black.

    I'll ask if they can post a photo from when he was brand new.

  2. POST CODE #081009-3

    Could this be a relation to the dog?
    ebay # 330621437124 15″ Ganz Heritage Collection Quincy Dog Plush
    Picture on ebay looks more dark brown than black but quite similar. Worth looking.

  3. I’m looking for a similar dog. But a different pattern but still in the ganz heritage collection. He has 2 brown circles on his butt and brown all on his ears to his eyes and brown on his neck and tail. The rest is all white and there’s white on the tip of his tail. I got him in 2003-2004 and didn’t no much. Anyone know what the name of the dog is?
    Post Code #10194

  4. ebay #230985985142 GANZ the HERITAGE COLLECTION plush WHITE, BLACK DOG SIZE: 12 INCHES
    ebay #251311993852 similar animal in brown and white
    Post Code #10194

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