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Searching – 90’s FULL BODY PUPPET BROWN & CREAM DOG — 7 Comments

  1. I will look into Ron Banafato as well. However, it may actually be a Ganz. I'm talking with the company and trying to see if they have an item number to confirm it. Thanks again everyone!

  2. POST CODE #090109-1

    Do not know if you have been able to positively identify the brand or if you are still searching. Let us know.

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  3. Post Code: 090109-1

    I forgot that I had posted on this site since I haven’t received a response in so long. I was never able to figure out the origin of my stuffed animal. I think that my dog is from the early 90s, so it doesn’t resemble the one in the link recently posted. However, if you have any more information, I would appreciate it.


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